Tsum Valley Trek & Climb of Virgin Peaks - 15 Days

Tsum Valley trek & Climb of Virgin Peaks

Tsum Valley Trek is a fantastic trekking destination for the adventurer who wants to explore the hidden corner of Nepal. This wonderful trek leads you to far north mid-west Himalayas tucked between a massive range of Ganesh Himal and Manaslu range. Since the region is less explored in comparison to other trekking regions only a few travelers have made to this high and mysterious valley.

The starting and ending point of the trek is Arughat, a 6-7 hours scenic drive from Kathmandu. The first half of the trek passing through dense forests, terraced fields, and villages leads you through the Budhi Gandaki valley. As you leave the main Manaslu trail and enter into Tsum valley, you’ll get a feeling of entering into the main hidden valley. This hidden valley is beautifully encircled with Baudha Himal and Himchuli from the west, Ganesh Himal from the south, and Sringi Himal from the north.

While on the trek you’ll pass through lower Budhi Gandaki regions of Macchakhola, Jagat, and Philim. Here you’ll witness unique culture and religion which is highly influenced by Tibetan origin. Basically, the people of Tsum valley belongs to Tibet origin. During your visit to Tsum valley, you’ll get a chance to be part of festivals like Lhosar, and Saka Dawa, Dhachang. Due to its remoteness, the culture and tradition of this valley remain unspoiled for centuries.

Tsum Valley Trek Highlights

  • Venture in the world’s remotest Himalayan valley- Tsum Valley.”
  • Walking through a stunning off-the-beaten trail
  • Magnificent views of Ganesh, Himchuli, Sringi, and Boudha Himal
  • Experience unique and unspoiled culture and tradition of Tibetan Buddhists people
  • Explore sacred ancient monasteries, chortens, and mani walls

Tsum Valley Trek Difficulty

Despite the fact that mountaineering or any other technical climbing experience isn’t required but it’s not easy too. The good physical condition with intense stamina level for 6-7 hours of hiking and strong mental assurance is sufficient to complete this adventurous trek. So, before embarking the trekking journey, you can get an adequate experience of climbing, cycling, running, swimming, one-day hike, and tough climbing.

Best Time for Tsum Valley Trek

The best time for Tsum Valley Trek and Climb of Virgin Peaks are March to May during spring and September to October during autumn. During these seasons, the weather remains stable and the mountain views are also best.

Manaslu Trek Permits

It is mandatory to obtain permits for the Tsum Valley Trek. This is because there is a certain restriction imposed to protect the unique culture of the region. Therefore, the Mansalu Tsum Valley needs three different kinds of permits issued by the Government of Nepal.

  1. Manaslu Restricted Permit
  2. Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP)
  3. Tsum Valley Restricted Valley

Tsum Valley Trek Map

Tsum Valley Trek Map

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel.

Day 02: Half day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu.

Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Arughat (535m) 6 – 7 hrs

Day 04: Drive to Soti-Khola and trek to Machha – Khola (930m) 4 – 5 hrs

Day 05: Trek to Jagat (1,350m) 5 – 6 Hrs

Day 06: Trek to Lokpa (2,240 m) 5 – 6 hrs

Day 07: Trek to Chumling (2,363m) 5 – 6 hrs

Day 08: Trek to Chokhangparo (3,010m) 5 – 6 Hrs

Day 09: Trek to Nile (3,361m) 4 – 5 hrs

Day 10: Trek to Dumje (2,440m) 5 – 6 hrs

Day 11: Trek to Eklebhati

Day 12: Trek to Tatopani.

Day 13: Trek to Lapu Besi.

Day 14: Trek to Soti-Khola & drive to Arughat and continue to Kathmandu.

Day 15: Transfer to Airport for the International departure.

If you want to extend your trip, please feel free to choose from our DAY TOURS, NEPAL TOURS or Jungle Safaris. here are some trip extensions that might interest you.

Extended Trips

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel

Welcome to Nepal, the land of Himalayas! At Tribhuvan International Airport our company representative will receive and escort you to the hotel in a private vehicle. In the evening, you’ll visit our head office to attend a small pre-tour briefing session.

After the meeting, you’ll get free time to explore the nearby popular tourist hub Thamel. Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

Day 02: Half day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu

After early morning breakfast, our city guides will meet you and lead you the sightseeing tour of Kathmandu Valley. You’ll visit UNESCO world heritage sites including Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, and Kathmandu Durbar Square. After completing the sightseeing tour, you’ll get back to the hotel for your trek preparation. Overnight stay at Kathmandu.

Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Arughat (535m) (6 – 7 hrs)

Early in the morning, you’ll drive to Gorkha on Pokhara highway. This scenic drive passes many rural villages and town. You’ll get a wonderful view of Langtang peak, Ganesh Himal, and at distant Mt. Annapurna range. From the village of Abu Khaireni, your path will divert your destination Gorkha. Enroute you’ll pass through several farm villages with the occasional view of snow-clad peaks of Manaslu and Himuchuli.

Finally, after 6-7 hours of drive, you’ll to a village of Arughat (535 m)nearby the Budhi Gandaki river linked by a suspension bridge. This village is one of the largest settlement in the valley and also a junction to various other important places. After crossing the river the trail leads to Dhading and Trishuli Bazaar. Similarly, west side trails lead Pokhara. You’ll spend a night at Arughat Village.

Day 04: Drive to Soti-Khola and trek to Machha – Khola (930m) (4 – 5 hrs)

Today following the right bank of Budhi Gandaki river, you’ll pass through some farm villages and terraced fields. Actually, the trail after Arughat is quite narrow. Passing through several scattered farmhouses you’ll reach the village of Mordar, Simre, and Arket. After a brief climb to Kyoropani, once again you’ll descend to Soti Khola.

From Soti Khola, you’ll gradually enter into Sal forest. Here you’ll soon pass through two tropical waterfalls on a steep and rocky trail. Then you’ll descend towards Gurung village of Labubesi. From here the trail descends to the wide sandy riverbed. Continuing your walk through the steep trail, after a final climb, you’ll reach Mahha Khola for the overnight stay.

Day 05: Trek to Jagat (1,350m) (5 – 6 hrs)

Today your trek continues to Jagat(1,350 m) and trekking hours is approximately 5-6 hours. Walking through narrow trail making some minor ascend and descend you’ll reach Thado Khola. After crossing this Khola, you’ll follow a rocky ravine and reach Khorlabesi. Continuing your walk, you’ll reach Tatopani where you can find a small hot spring.

Further, continuing your trek you’ll climb over another ridge and cross the Budi Gandaki over a suspension bridge. After climbing well-crafted staircase you’ll come across the landslide area and reach Doban. Once again you’ll ascend to the Budhi Gandaki and after crossing a suspension bridge over Doban Khola you’ll reach Yaru Khola. You’ll cross this Khola over a suspension bridge and again climb the stone staircase. After a few up and downhill walk brings you to Thado Bharyang.

Finally, after crossing the west bank of Budi Gandaki river, you’ll climb over a ridge and reach the village of Jagat. It is the main entrance and checkpoint to the Manaslu Conservation Area. You’ll spend a night at Jagat.

Day 06: Trek to Lokpa (2,240 m) (5 – 6 hrs)

After spending a pleasant time at Jagat, you’ll continue your trek and ascend over a rocky ridge to Salleri. Enroute you’ll enjoy the astonishing view of Shringi Himal (7,187 m) on the north side.

From Salleri, you’ll descend to Sirdibas on a flat trail. And the valley widens a bit and trail continue to Ghatta Khola. After crossing a long simple hanging bridge you’ll climb up to a large Gurung village of Philim. In this village, you can see Japenese made school and police station.

After passing through Philim village with the views of the narrowing valley you’ll reach Chisopani. After crossing the gorge, en route, you’ll see a cascading waterfall. Entering through the forest of pine and rhododendron, you’ll descend to the trail which leads to Tsum Valey. Enjoying the panoramic views of mountains you’ll reach a small beautiful of Lokpa (2,240 m).

Actually, today is a quite challenging day of a trek as it is only uphill walking approximately for 5-6 hours. You’ll spend a night at Lokpa.

Day 07: Trek to Chumling (2,363m) (5 – 6 hrs)

Today your journey starts from Lokpa and ends at Chumling at an altitude of 2,363 meters. The trekking hours is approximately 5-6 hours. After half an hour descending to Lungwal Khola you’ll climb on zigzag trail for further two hours through pine and rhododendron forests you’ll reach Gumlung. Finally, after crossing the Siyar Khola you’ll arrive Chumling. Located on the south face of the Shingri Himal, Chumling is the lower Tsum valley. You’ll get a magnificent view of Shringi Himal. You can also visit the old Chumling Gompa and the stone streets of the village. Overnight stay at a very basic teahouse in Chumling.

Day 08: Trek to Chokhangparo (3,010m) (5 – 6 hrs)

After having hot breakfast at Chumling you’ll continue your trek towards Chokhangparo (3,010 m). Today the scenic views of the valley and Ganesh Himal will accompany you on the whole trail. You’ll traverse through farming land of maize and potatoes. You’ll see the classic Tibetan houses with sloping roofs to shed rain and snow. After crossing a huge landslide area, you’ll climb up to valley to the east with great views of Ganesh Himal and reach Ripchet village.

Further, passing through Rainjam you’ll Serpu Khola. From here you’ll climb uphill for two hours and join the tail to Upper Tsum Valley. Finally, after 5-6 hours of long day trek, you’ll reach the village of Chokhagparo. Located on flat land, Chokhangparo consists of two settlements, Chokhang and Paro. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of Himchuli Himal (7,893 m) and Ganesh Himal (7,140 m). This area is well-known for its Tibetan Buddhist Heritage. You’ll spend a night at Chokhangparo.

Day 09: Trek to Nile (3,361m) (4 – 5 hrs)

Today you’ll trek from Chokhangparo to Nile (3,361 m), there is a certain gain in the elevation so you might get symptoms of altitude sickness. Thus, you need to take precaution by drinking plenty of water in order to keep yourself hydrated. You’ll head east passing through small villages and en route, you’ll see some local schools.

Further, you’ll climb over a ridge of chortens and reach Lama Gaon. From here, you’ll continue your trek through the flat fields and get the view of a huge courtyard of the Rachen/ Nunnery Gompa (3,240 m). Here you may interact with friendly peoples with the help of your guide. Normally, they speak Tsumba which is related to Tibetan.

Now, you’ll cross the Shiyar Khola, passing through the hamlets of Phurbe and Pangdun you’ll reach the village of Chhule. Continuing your walk through villages of Lar, Phurbe, and Pangdun you’ll head towards upstream to cross the bridge and climb to Nile village. Finally, after 4-5 hours of walk-on challenging trail brings you on Nile village. It is the last village in the upper Tsum valley. Situated on the bank of Shiar Khola, this village consists of large numbers of households. You’ll spend a night at Nile village.

Day 10: Trek to Dumje (2,440m) (5 – 6 hrs)

After spending a memorable time in the extremely culturally rich Tsum valley we’ll head towards Dumje (2,440 m). After 5-6 hours of scenic walk, you’ll reach a small village of Dumje for an overnight stay.

Day 11: Trek to Eklebhati (1,660 m) (6-7 hrs)

Today you’ll continue your trek from a small village of Dumje to Eklebhati (1,660 m) for approximately 6-7 hours. At first, you’ll pass through Lokpa village on a flat trail. En route, you’ll enjoy the view of cascading Samba waterfalls. Enjoying the scenic beauty, you’ll finally reach Eklebhati for an overnight stay.

Day 12: Trek to Tatopani (990 m) (5-6 hrs)

After having breakfast, you’ll leave Eklebhati and continue your walk and reach Philim village. It is one of the largest Gurung tribe villages. Here you can see the trail which leads to the Ganesh Himal Base Camp. After witnessing an excellent view of the landscape you’ll descend to Jagat. Now, leaving behind the arid Tibetan zone you’ll enter into subtropical green vegetation zone.

Further, continuing your trek to Dobhan you’ll finally arrive Tatopani (1,660 m). After 5-6 hours of tiring walk, you can relax in the warm waters of hot spring. You may dip yourself in the hot spring and relax your tired muscles. Overnight stay at Tatopani.

Day 13: Trek to Lapu Besi (880 m) (5-6 hrs)

Today you’ll continue your trek from Tatopani to Lapu besi (880 m), you’ve to walk for about 5-6 hours. Crossing the Thado Khola you’ll descend to the Machha Khola village. Walking along the Budi Gandaki river you’ll reach the Gurung village of Lapu Besi for an overnight stay.

Day 14: Trek to Soti-Khola & Drive back to Kathmandu via Arughat

Today is your final day of the trek. At first, you’ll pass through two water waterfalls and continue your trek on steep rocky trail and reach Khursane. Walking along the ridge above Budhi Gandaki river you’ll cross the Sal forests. Finally, after crossing the bridge you’ll arrive at Soti Khola. Then you’ll drive back to Kathmandu via Arughat Bazaar. This scenic drive offers you a spectacular view of the waterfall, green hills, mountains, and farming villages. Overnight stay at Kathmandu.

Day 15: Transfer to Airport for the International departure

Today is the last day of the trip. If your flight is scheduled early in the morning, our representative will drop you to the airport in the private vehicle. But, if your flight is scheduled later in the evening, then you can do last-minute shopping and buy some souvenirs for your closed one.

Wish you happy and safe travels!

  • Pick up from airport and drop at hotel.
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu in a 3-star level hotel.
  • Half day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu.
  • Drive to Arughat from Kathmandu by regular transport or jeep.
  • Drive to Soti Khola from Arughat by regular bus or jeep.
  • Accommodation during the trek
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the trek.
  • Professional trekking guide with government licence
  • Porter, who carry your baggage during the trek (2 people 1 porter)
  •  MCAP (Manaslu conservation area project)
  • TIMS (Trekking information management system card)
  • Restricted special permit for Manaslu upper part
  • Trekking equipments as sleeping bag, down jacket etc.
  • First aid medical box.
  • Drive to Arughat from Soti Khola by regular bus or jeep.
  • Drive to Kathmandu by regular bus.
  • All program as per itinerary.
  • All government and local taxes.
  • Final departure to airport.

  • All meals in Kathmandu except farewell dinner and breakfast.
  • Hard and soft table drinks such as coke, Fanta, mineral water, beer.
  • Personal Travel insurance.
  • Rescue operation.
  • International airfare and tax
  • Tips for guide and porter.
  • Any other special accommodation.

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