Lower Dolpo & Lake Phoksundo Trekking - 22 Days

Lower Dolpo and Lake Phoksundo Trekking

Lower Dolpo trek is a fascinating journey in the remote western region of Nepal. It is an outstanding trekking experience in the barren slopes of the high mountains to the serene Shey Phoksundo Lake. The Lower Dolpo falls under the rain shadow are so the chances of rainfall during the trek is to a minimum.

Your amazing Lower Dolpo and Shey Phoksundo 3,612m trek starts from a scenic mountain flight to the southern lowlands at Nepalgunj 150m. Shortly after, you will board a flight to the Northern Mid Hills at Jhupal 2,320m in Dolpo 4,080m.

Upon your arrival at Jhupal, you will officially begin your journey through the magnificent remote countryside and farm villages. The journey ahead is a wonderful experience of the fabulous snow peaks of Dolpo and Tibetan mountain ranges. Eventually, you will reach your travel destination at Shey Phoksundo Lake or Ringmo pristine.

You will enjoy the turquoise lake with splendid views and scenery of the Dolpo region amidst its enchanting forest and landscapes. Furthermore, you will spend two nights at Shey Phoksundo to explore the magnificent lake and traditional villages, and the surrounding snow peaks.

The Lower Dolpo and Shey Phoksundo lake trek start again with a magnificent morning view of the Kanjiroba Himal 6,883m. Further, you will pass through the isolated village of Ringmo the old Monastery along the trail.

The trail follows the serene forest full of pines, oaks, and rhododendrons to the Numala pass at 5,400m till your treks end at Jhupal.

Lower Dolpo & Lake Phoksundo Trekking Highlights:

  • Explore the remote area with a perfect wilderness experience of the Dolpo region.
  • Follow the authentic trails to Ringmo-Tokyu and Tarakot villages.
  • Opportunity to indulge yourself in the ancient Bon religion and a hidden culture of Dolpo people.
  • Splendid trekking experience in the Wild Himalayas with the impressive scenery of the landscape and surrounding mountains.
  • A great hike through the alpine green hills, emerald lakes to windswept arctic terrain

Lower Dolpo Trek Map

Dolpo Trek Map

Day 01: Reach Kathmandu (1,300m) via respective airlines and drive to your hotels.

Day 02: Half day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj & transfer to Hotel.

Day 04: Fly to Jhuphal (Dolpo) (2,320m) trek to Dunai (2,850m) 2 – 3 hrs walks.

Day 04: Trek to Tarakot (2,850m) approx 5 – 6 hrs.

Day 06: Trek to Kami Gaon (2,543m) 3 – 4 hrs

Day 07: Trek to Tarap Khola. approx. (3,450m) 4 – 5 hrs

Day 08: Trek to Yak Kharka (3,850m) near Lang chu or Pigo Phu.

Day 09: Trek to Dho Tarap (4,090m) 6 hrs

Day 10: Rest Day at Dho Tarap for acclimatisation and local hike.

Day 11: Trek to Tokyu Gaon 5 hrs

Day 12: Trek below Numala Pass.

Day 13: Cross Numala (5,190m) and camp at Phedi or Pelungtang.

Day 14: Cross Baga La (5,070m) and camp on Phedi (4,470m)

Day 15: Trek to Ringmo (3,600m) 6 – 7 hrs

Day 16: Rest day at Ringmo hike to Phokshumdo Lake and the village.

Day 17: Trek to Sumduwa, approx. (3,400m) 4 – 5 hrs

Day 18: Trek to Ankhe (2,896m) 6 hrs

Day 19: Trek to Dunai 6 hrs

Day 20: Trek to Jhuphal 2 – 3 hrs

Day 21: Fly Jhuphal – Nepalgunj – Kathmandu.

Day 22: Transfer to Airport for International Departure.

If you want to extend your trip, please feel free to choose from our DAY TOURS, NEPAL TOURS or Jungle Safaris. here are some trip extensions that might interest you.

Extended Trips

Day 01: Reach Kathmandu 1,400m. via respective airlines.

After your arrival at Kathmandu 1,400m Tribhuvan International Airport, a representative from the travel agency will receive you. The representative will then escort you to the Hotel via a Private vehicle. Upon your arrival in the Hotel, a bell boy will escort you to the lobby. Shortly after you check in to your room, the tour guide will inform you about a meeting later that evening. The tour guide will then brief the information about the trek to you and other trek members.

Day 02: Half day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu

After you have breakfast, the tour guide will escort you to the vehicle outside the Hotel. Today, you will indulge yourself in a short city excursion around Kathmandu city. The excursion begins early in the morning so you will have plenty of time to explore Kathmandu valley.

The cultural city tour today includes famous World Heritage Sites like Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath and Boudhanath. Later this afternoon, you will stroll around for souvenirs at like Kathmandu Durbar Square and Patan Durbar.

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj 150m & transfer to Hotel.

Today, a private vehicle will transfer you to the domestic airport for a 55 min scenic flight to Nepalgunj. You will arrive at Nepalgunj 150m in the late afternoon so you will have plenty of time to look around the town. Nepalgunj lies on the southern Nepal border with India, so the temperature is quite hot and tropical. You will spend the night in your room with Air condition facilities.

Day 04: Fly to Jhuphal 2,320m trek to Dunai 2,850m (2 – 3 hrs walk)

After a pleasant stay at the hotel, you will board a 45 min scenic mountain flight to Jhuphal 2,320m from Nepalgunj. The Airport at Jhuphal welcomes you with splendid views of Dhaulagiri peaks 8,167m to the north. Upon your arrival, the rest of the crew will greet you with with the camping gear and food supply.

Your 3-hour trek starts from Jamal at Dunai 2,850m for an overnight camp along the village. Your trek leads you to an hour long steep descent through terraced fields to the Bheri River. The trail ahead follows the narrow gorge to the campsite at Dunai village.

Day 05: Trek to Tarakot 2,850m (5 – 6 Hrs walk)

Today, your trek starts as you follow the trail ahead through many small streams towards Bheri and Barbung river. Eventually, your trek leads you through a tremendous gorge with pine trees and path above the river. After a good 5-6 hours worth of hike, you will finally arrive at Tarakot 2,850m.

Tarakot is a beautiful village surrounded by colorful terraced fields and farmlands. It is an old fortress made by the local people as Dzong or fort. The village of Tarakot lies on a hillock to the south of Bheri River. You will camp for the night at a steep surrounded by trees, chorten and a Gompa on the edge.

Day 06: Trek to Kami Gaon 2,543m (3 – 4 hrs walk)

The trek route today follows the roaring Tarap Chu river upstream towards a wooden bridge. Further ahead on the trek, you will cross this same river twice on the trail. You will continue the hike through farm terraces and rural villages at Sahartera. The trail then starts to gradually bend towards a small village settlement of Kola. Shortly, the 3-4 hrs morning hike ends after a short descend to. You will camp for the night beside the Kamigaon village (2,543m).

Day 07: Trek to Tarap Khola 3,450m (4 – 5 hrs walk)

After early morning breakfast, you will continue the trek hiking up the gorge of the Tarap River. The trail rises for a brief moment alongside the river towards a steeper slope. You will see sheep herders with their flocks of sheep’s and goats along this trail.

The hike ahead is a pleasant walk through a narrow gorge across a bridge made of stone slabs and logs. It is a thrilling experience as the bridges are damaged or washed by the monsoon flood. The trek ends after a 4-5 hours hike at Tarap Khola 3,250m. You will set up camp for the night on the banks of Tarap Khola.

Day 08: Trek to Yak Kharka 3,850m near Lang chu (4 hrs walk)

You will walk away from the banks of the Tarap Khola and head towards the upper valley following the Tarap Chu (river). The trail ahead passes through beautiful summer pasture and farm settlements. Further ahead, you will cross the same river more than once by the help of wooden bridges along the way. The trek for today ends at Yak Kharka 3,850m after 4 hours worth of hike from Tarap Khola. You will camp for the night near the tributary of Lang Chu.

Day 09: Trek to Dho Tarap 4,090m (6 hrs walk)

Your trek for today starts early in the morning as you make a gradual ascend towards Kamattarka. It lies between the junction of the Tarapchu and Lang Khola. After 2 hours of hiking, you will follow the path leading through the juniper bush and wild rose.

After 3 more hours of hike, you will arrive at the village of Dho Tarap. The village of Dho Tarap 4,090m is divided into three groups. The village of Tarap is inhabited by Tibetans and Magars for many generations. Your 6 hours hike comes to an end as you set up camp for the night beside Dho Tarap village.

Day 10: Rest Day at Dho Tarap for acclimatization and local hike.

Today is the first day of acclimatization on your Lower Dolpo and Shey Phoksundo trek. You will spend the day exploring the villages to make friends. You will have the opportunity to witness the local lifestyle of the people. You will hike for an hour to the Buddhist Gompa and Bon Gompa to speed up your acclimatization process. The short hike enables your body to adapt to the surrounding altitude to prepare yourself for the trek ahead.

Day 11: Trek to Tokyu Gaon 4,209 m (5 hrs walk)

After an amazing stay at the village of Dho Tarap, you will start your journey towards upper Tarap valley. The hike ahead is through the plain valley with lush verdant beside the river. Furthermore, you will follow the Tarap Chu upstream for most of the part of the trek.

The trek continues for another 4 hours until you arrive at the tranquil village of Tokyu. Upon your arrival, you will also explore an ancient monastery belonging to the Chiba sect. The 5 hour long ends at Tokyu Gaon 4,209m as you take a break in the village. You will enjoy a meal and sleep for the night at a campsite along Tokyu village.

Day 12: Trek below NUMALA PASS 5,190m (5 hours walk)

Today, you commence your trek early as the trail diverts North West overlooking great scenery of the surrounding landscapes. You will hike along with beautiful landscapes full of natural and wildlife vegetation. The trail further head towards green pasture lands and alpine shrubs. Your 5-hour trek comes to an end after your arrival at the base of Numa-la 5,190m. You will have plenty of time to explore the surrounding of Numa-La base.

Day 13: Cross NUMALA 5,190m and camp at Palungtang 4,465m (8 hrs walk)

Today, your journey to Shey Phoksundo continues as you make your way up to a steep hill to the top of Numa La at 5,190m. The great mountains and valley surround you as enjoy the incredible 4 hours climb to the high pass. The view from the top is amazing as you gaze upon the magnificence north face of the Dhaulagiri massif 8,167m. After a glorious moment at the pass, you will hike downhill for 3 more hours to Palungtang 4,465m.

Day 14: Trek to cross Baga La 5,070m camp the other side of Phedi 4,470m (8 hours walk)

Your day begins with a glorious sunrise in the village of Palungtang. You will enjoy breakfast at the camp and start your trek early. You will leave Palungtang behind and make your way to the Baga La pass 5,070m. It is a strenuous 4 hours steep climb before you cross the astounding pass at Baga la. The view from Baga la pass is truly astonishing. After your short magical moment at the pass, you will make a gentle hike downhill to Phedi 4,470m. The trek for today comes to an end after 8 hours of the hike at Palungtang. You camp for the night at Phedi.

Day 15: Trek to Ringmo 3,600m (6 – 7 hrs walk)

Today, your trek begins early in the morning with a steep climb over the green hills. You will overlook the fantastic views of the surrounding landscapes and distant Kanjiroba Himal range 6,883m. Eventually, the trek further leads you to a descend for 2 hours through pine forest.

The path then leads to a landscape full of vegetation and pasture field the way to Ringmo. You will hike a few ups and downs until you finally reach the destination at Ringmo. Your 6-7 hours hike comes to an end after your set up camp at Ringo. You stay for the night at Ringmo 3,600m.

Day 16: Rest day at Ringmo hike to Phoksundo Lake and the village

Today is the second acclimatization day on your Lower Dolpo and Shey Phoksundo lake trek. You will commence a short hike to the Tibetan Buddhist monastery and explore the village of Ringmo. Ringmo is a small village settlement inhabited by the Gurung and Thakuri communities.

The hike is rather relaxing as you walk your way around the Shey Phoksundo Lake 3,612m. Shey Phoksundo lake is the deepest lake in the world. So, it is an amazing experience to spectate the magnificence of the beautiful lake surrounded by hills. You will stay for the night at Campsite in Ringo village.

Day 17: Trek to Sumduwa 3,400m (4 – 5 hrs walk)

It is a wonderful experience at the Ringmo village and Phoksundo Lake. However, you will have to leave the serene lake behind and start your journey towards Sumduwa. The trail ahead leads through steep terrains through birch forests to a ridge. So, you will enjoy a spectacular view of the distant Phoksundo Lake on your hike away from the Ringo village. A trek of 4-5 hours will bring you to your overnight campsite in Sumduwa(3,400m).

Day 18: Trek to Ankhe 2,896m (6 hrs walk)

From the campsite at Sumduwa, your journey begins as you follow the river downstream to a bridge near Ryajik 2,940m. The trail ahead is a collection of rocks and sticks that form a dike along the river bank. You will climb the wobbly stone staircase from the riverbank to a cliff and through the forest. The trail slowly traverses past the grassy slope high above the river. Then, the path leads you through a forest to the entrance of Shey Phoksundo National Park. After trekking for 6 hours, you will reach Ankhe(2,896m).

Day 19: Trek to Dunai 2,000m (6 hrs walk)

After having lunch at Dunai, you will commence your journey following a path along a large stream. The trail heads uphill shortly after through the deep dark forest passing another canyon to the Phuksumdo Khola. The hike continues towards the lower part of Rahagaon 2,909m. You will enjoy a great view of the Kagmara peak as you make your way down to the treeless Thulo Bheri valley. After 6 hours worth of hike, you will finally arrive at Dunai 2,000m and stay here for the night.

Day 20: Trek to Jhuphal 2,320m (2 – 3 hrs walk)

From Dunai, you will retrace the comfortable 2-3 hours journey back to Jhupal 2,320m. You will enjoy a splendid breakfast in Jhupal. Shortly after, you will start your trek on a trail surrounded by birch forest. You will enjoy the spectacular views of the mountain on your trip to Jhupal Village below. Upon your arrival at Jhuphal, you will have plenty of time to spend exploring the market town or taking a rest.

Day 21: Fly Jhuphal 2,320m- Nepalgunj 150m- Kathmandu 1,400m

Today, you will board an early 45min minutes morning sweeping flight to Nepalgunj over the Himalayan foothills. You will fly over the stunning views of the snow-capped peaks on your flight from Jhuphal 2,320ml to Nepalgunj(150m). On your arrival at Nepalgunj, you will board a connecting 55 min flight to Kathmandu 1,400m.

A private vehicle will be waiting for you outside the Kathmandu Airport. Upon your arrival at the Hotel, you will trade emails and organize photos with your travel companions. Later that evening, you will celebrate the successful journey with a farewell dinner with your trek team. You will stay overnight at your Hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 22: Transfer to Airport for the International departure.

Today is the last day here at Kathmandu on your Lower Dolpo and Shey Phoksundo lake trek. You will check out of the Hotel with your belongings and necessary travel documents. A private vehicle will be waiting for you outside to escort you to the airport.

  • Pick up from the airport and transfer to a hotel.
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu in a 3-star level hotel.
  • Half day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu.
  • Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight ticket.
  • Nepalgunj to Jhuphal flight ticket.
  • A professional Sherpa Guide with Government License
  • Sherpa porter who will carry your baggage(2 people 1 sherpa porter)
  • Food during Trekking(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner  )
  • All Accommodation during Trekking(Tea House)
  • Necessary Permits.
  • Restricted Area Permit
  • TIMS (Trekkers Information Management system card)
  • Necessary Equipment( sleeping bag and Down Jacket)
  • Food, salary  Transport, clothing for Guide and Porter
  • Insurance for Guide and Porter
  • Emergency Rescue  Help (covered by your travel insurance)
  • Jhuphal to Nepalgunj flight ticket.
  • Nepalgunj to Kathmandu flight ticket.
  • All program as per itinerary.
  • All government and local taxes.
  • Final departure to airport.

  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
  • Any kinds of Drinks( soft and Hard Drinks)
  • Visa, international flight ticket
  • Personal Nature expenses
  • Tips for Staffs
  • Rescue and Evacuation cost
  • Any special Accommodation.

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